About me

I am an Umbraco developer since 2008, created several  packages people use on a day to day basis and a Microsoft .Net lover.  I've been using .Net Framework since 2003 and since Umbraco 9 was released switched to .Net core which got me thinking why I would ever write .Net Framework code again.

Before .Net I started in 1999 as  web developer on one of the first internet companies in the Netherlands where we created a CMS (before the term CMS existed).

Umbraco consulting

These days I combine package development and Umbraco consultancy. I help my clients by getting teams up to speed, setting up Umbraco using best practices both in CMS structure, architecture and code.

If you ever need help with your Umbraco project, drop me a line.

When I am not behind a computer, I try to make as much memories as possible with my wife and kids. Besides that I love to BBQ with friends and family.